Place Right

Feng Shui for the Spiritual Seeker

Enlist Helen’s services to:

  • Choose the home that moves you toward your highest potential.
  • Select a place that grounds and protects you and contains your abundance.
  • Find the place that jump-starts change.
  • Find a home with greater potential for conscious living.

Seeking Helen’s advice before you purchase assists you to move directly to an environment that supports the next step of your journey rather than repeat patterns you are ready to release.

When you have narrowed the choices, Helen will compare two or three places you are seriously considering. She needs an hour in a smaller home, more in a larger one, with no other people in the house. Helen does understand the time constraints of the real estate market.

If you are considering a place within a block of a hydro field (high-tension wires), next to a graveyard or transformers, or with a creek or river on the property line, she suggests you look elsewhere.

If you have already bought a home, Helen recommends a minimum of two sessions, one when the house is empty to talk about colour, room use and placement, connect with the energy of the property, begin to clear the energy of the previous owners and discuss renovations. If minimal renovation is envisioned, a second session involves placement details and brings the energy of your things, your family, your intent and your new home together into one symphony of energy.

If you are preparing to sell or move you may wish to have the energy of your place cleared and to implement a limited number of changes to promote a harmonious exit and attract auspicious buyers.

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“There is a difference between an abundance of things and the flow of abundance”


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