Place Right

Feng Shui for the Spiritual Seeker

Enlist Helen’s support to

  • Accelerate inner and outer change.
  • Own your things rather than being owned by them.
  • Feel joyful and fulfilled in your home.
  • Gain insight and intuitive understanding about your home and your life.

For a consultation in an existing home the process is as follows

  • Meet and greet
  • Working on her own, Helen assesses your space and begins to shift the energy
  • For the bulk of your time together you and Helen walk through the space, addressing her assessment and your questions
  • Closing questions and answers
  • List of action items

Helen comes to your home and spends an afternoon with you. After preliminaries she spends up to an hour working on her own to make a visual and energetic assessment, connect with the energy of the place, tap into the energy beyond the form and initiate the process of transformation. Previous clearing, spiritual practice, and work you have done to set in place a positive vibration enhance this process.

Once she has established her connection with the space Helen will ask for your date of birth and your intents and you will walk through your home place together, spending most of the afternoon on your feet. She will suggest ideas to enhance energy, symbolize your intents in harmony with the energy matrix of each room, and correct structural features. Salient points regarding the outside are addressed. When you arrive at a suggestion both of you feel good about, she will note it so that you are left with a list of action steps. The consultation itself begins to balance the energy of your home.

Because the process is personal and your home and your life are interwoven, Helen recommends that only individuals that live in the home participate in the consultation. Unless there is a particular desire, it is not necessary that all family members be present. The session is too long for young children.

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