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My hair stylist, of all people, remarked recently, “My peace of mind is too valuable to listen to someone in my chair complain about their problems. What I used to put up with bothers me now.” A friend had told him “It may not show on the surface, but we’re all reevaluating at a deep level after September 11.” Out of the mouths of hair stylists . . . The universal ch’i energy seems to have thrown things up for grabs. Established practitioners and alternative businesses have to promote as never before. What can we do as home-based businesses?

I was taken aback when a healer asked recently, “Are you still committed to feng shui?” “Silly question”, thought I and trotted out a story about a recent gratifying experience with a client. A week or so later a student asked, “Why do you do what you do and how are you serving the world?” At the time I did not make a connection to the experience with the healer, but reflected aloud on some of the things that had drawn me to feng shui. As I spoke about the work and how it has pushed me beyond limitations, fears and what I thought possible, I was overcome with emotion. Emotion is a clue. It made me realize it was time to revisit the question “Why do I do what I do?” A few days later in a burst of creativity I wrote a clear statement about how I do this work today for a different reason than when I started and stated my purpose in a way that feels solidly in alignment with who I am.

Some recommendations:
Number one, restate your mission and purpose. Find a friend, teacher, healer or student to ask the hard questions that push beyond pat answers, questions that bring up emotion, which reveals your passion. Then write and publish your re-stated purpose. Make it part of your presentations and display it in the ‘career’ area of your office. To find the career area, superimpose a tic-tac-toe grid over the floor plan. Career is the middle ninth of the room on the side the door is on.
If you need help attracting the no-holds-barred questions that unearth your own truth, place an object in your support/helpful people area. It may be a crystal of great clarity; you are looking for clarity. It may be an angel to represent assistance from the unseen realms. It may be a metal wind chime whose gracious tinkle reaches into the ethers to attract support. The support/helpful people area is the right ninth of the office on the side the door is on.

Along with reevaluating goes clearing out the old. Every piece of paper, magazine, or box of files you no longer use holds you back. Keep archives as required, but get rid of the rest to release energy for creative use now. Ensure that files are orderly and up-todate, piles of paper have been harnessed and storage holds only items that serve a purpose.

Your office must represent that which you aspire to. If a fresh start is what you desire, empty the room, spread coarse grain sea salt all over the floor, put nine candles equally spaced in the nine zones on the floor, leave the window open and play drumming or sacred music on the stereo on ‘repeat’ for a week. Burn the candles each day. At the end of the week clean up the sea salt and discard it. Then repaint the room stating aloud affirmations for success in business as you apply the paint.
Even if now is not the time to empty the room and start over, repair or replace furniture or equipment that doesn’t work. Move furniture. Rearranging it can give limiting beliefs and thought patterns a good shake-up. And while you’re cleaning and clearing don’t stop at the office. Do the whole house.

Situate yourself and your workstation, be it an easel for painting, computer desk or healing table, in such a way that while you work you see the door diagonally from as far back in the room as possible. This way you keep an eye on all that’s going on. If you work with your back to the door you may turn your back on business opportunities or expose yourself to unpleasant surprise, risk or attack. Work with a solid wall, not a window or open space, behind you for support and backing for your business.

An important area at this time is ‘fame’, which represents promoting yourself and putting your energy out into the world. Display articles, clippings and photographs in the centre ninth of the office on the side opposite the door. If there is a window, a bit of red stained glass broadcasts your good reputation. Nine red candles can represent your intent to shine your light brightly in the world. Your logo, a graphic representation of the energy of your business, is appropriately displayed in your fame area. If you do not yet have the press clippings you want, have a bulletin board with a mock-up that clearly describes you and your unique contribution as you would like to see it in the newspaper, or whatever public recognition you desire.

These times can be spiritually and emotionally trying. You may need to add to your ‘learning’ area (the left ninth of the office on the side the door is on) objects to assist you to personally process intensity, release anger and fear and trust inner guidance This may be a small altar with crystals, a candle, or other sacred objects. If it does not fit in the learning area, it can serve the purpose elsewhere in the office, too.

Finally, do not let energy dissipate. Clearly mark the boundaries of your business, your office and your home. Business boundaries include daily time schedules, being on time, contractual understanding with clients and partners, fee schedules and payment procedures. When these are not clearly understood by all involved, energy is lost. Reinforce the intent to have clear boundaries in your business by creating them in the space. This may entail a treatment for an uncovered window, a wallpaper border around the perimeter of the office, hanging a wind chime to keep energy from escaping out a back door or energetically sealing the energy of the room.

These times are giving us an opportunity to reevaluate and clarify, to stretch, to trust, to discover intents and desires more deeply held than we imagined. Where it is not working, perhaps there are still instances where we’ve sold ourselves short, settled for second best or allowed fear to hold us in our comfort zone. The more we release limitations and flow with the universal energy the more we approach our highest potential: expanded, empowered, compassionate and prosperous.

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