Place Right

Feng Shui for the Spiritual Seeker

Helen combines a profound respect for the forefathers/mothers of feng shui with an innate ability to invoke and activate the energy of properties and restore balance. She incorporates several eastern traditions in her work, which is ultimately based upon awareness and consciousness. She has traveled widely and is solidly grounded in the concepts of architecture, building, drawings and materials. Foundations, supporting walls, beams and roofing materials all contribute to the desired effect of creating a reservoir of abundance.

As human beings we have journeyed in our understanding of colour, form and material and their effects on our energy and emotions. We balance the inner ch’i and seek to create an outer environment that resonates with the inner reality. Helen takes this process to a new level. *

Helen starts with the premise that our structures can reflect an expanded level of consciousness, then works within the needs, values, hopes, beliefs and dreams of the client. Helen’s clients are not looking for a formula; they are looking for spaces that express their expansion and growth.

*   In a small percentage of properties neither the owner nor the property is willing to make this shift.

Helen, you embody the wisdom of a great feng shui master.


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