Place Right

Feng Shui for the Spiritual Seeker

When you work with Helen, you may expect to:

  • Establish intimacy regardless of scale.
  • Create a home that vibrates with living purpose and auspiciousness.
  • Build a structure that supports and nourishes growth and unfolding.
  • Foster a sense of balance and well being.

If you are building a new home, enlist Helen’s support in site selection. The better the energy of the site, the better will be the energy of your home. If you already have your site, Helen will bring it to its greatest energetic potential. The sooner she joins your design team the better, as structural support is essential to a solid spiritual foundation. To create environments conducive to growth and unfolding she sometimes proposes solutions that surpass accepted construction standards especially as regards basement walls, floors and foundations.

Helen works with the energy of the land before construction, reviews drawings as they develop and offers input with respect to construction, ensures that electromagnetic and geopathic stress are prevented, and provides input with respect to colour, materials and design.

She works seamlessly with your design team and will liaise regularly with architect, designers, contractor, and trades if necessary to ensure that the energy of the final product incorporates her suggestions. A seemingly insignificant change in plans can have far-reaching implications.

Helen must be on site when foundations are poured, as they provide the basic infrastructure of conscious living, and at milestone points during construction, which may include pouring the basement floor, enclosing the structure, completion of interior walls, laying floors, painting, post move-in, and completion of landscaping. She works with drawings long distance via email and digital photography.

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