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Thank you again for the wonderful work you did in rebalancing the energy in my home and in clearing the issues surrounding geopathic stress problems at my business location. The results were amazing and totally unexpected!

After you cleared and anchored the energies in and around my house, I noticed I was beginning to revisit that ‘hobby corner’ in my house, and actually finish a number of outstanding and half completed projects, which I never seemed to get time to get to prior to your visit.

I have always prided myself on being rather efficient; however, when I reorganized the admin offices at work, and moved myself into a back office, which coincidentally had an old capped well located on the outside office wall, I never really unpacked my files. Incoming papers began to accumulate and stack up, and I couldn’t seem to get to them. My efficiency dropped and I was spending less and less time in that office area, actually preferring to work from home – which fortunately I had the flexibility to do.

After you ‘worked your magic’, I was surprised to find that my office and surrounding areas felt different. I now felt like tackling the pile of files and papers. I noticed that I was now spending more time in my business office and was notably more productive again! Here I was, labeling myself as less capable (with age perhaps?) and I now realize that all along the real culprit was the mish mash of flowing water energies beneath and within the building structures.

Helen, thanks to you and your sensitivity and talents, I am happier, more productive and feeling more comfortable both at home and at work. I no longer have the piles of ‘stuff’ around and I am having fun seeing my creative efforts realized in my hobby corner at home.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

" Class day is the anchor of my week."


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