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The incredible positive power of energy, I will never under estimate again. Ever since we tore down our dilapidated garage, our neighbours have become extremely rude and aggressive. We were very disturbed by the subsequent actions they took which included building a fence along our shared passageway that once was our garage. After taking initial steps towards court proceedings we decided to drop the case. It was conjuring too much negativity within our family. Our neighbours however were relentless in still verbally attacking us. Helen was able to identify the negative presence and provided me with grounding copper tubes containing salt and crystals. After performing the exercise which included placing each tube in one of the four corners of the house...something changed in a BIG way. The aggressor - the husband of the couple living next door was gone! It's been peaceful and harmonious ever since. We no longer get that uneasy feeling when we come home at night. It's now been over two months and the negative energy has not returned. I'm not sure what actually happened to the couple, but as Helen explained with the positive change in energy it became unbearable for the negative energy to co-exist.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your integrity and insight. The adventure continues . . .  


Balance: a point between two opposite forces that is desirable over purely one state or the other.


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