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I want to update you on my room. I have had a chance to both work with clients in the space, and to just be in the room, and do some writing there.

I am most pleased to report a shift that I feel. Not sure that words will accurately capture. First, I find I want to keep the door open whereas in the past I instinctively shut it after leaving.. as if I can let the room connect with the rest of the house, or as if the room is now connected to my home. It also just feels, when I am in the room, that I am “happier” or more at ease, more safe or comfortable.. One specific thing I have noticed on the level of the body is that I am much more able to breathe… in the room, just breathe, rather than holding in or feeling suffocated.

When I was in the room with clients, I was more in tune (maybe because I could breathe?), and the work they did was very powerful. One in particular was much more grounded. And the funny thing – both clients that day left me more money than was actually due – isn’t that interesting???

So, after all this, I know that we need to move, and it is definitely on the table. But in the meantime, I am extremely grateful for your energy and work and guidance in this process. I believe that I am as free as I can be in the space. And I will continue to let the sea salt and music and candles maintain the safety and the energy.

" Class day is the anchor of my week."


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