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Thank you again for your wonderful work with the feng shui instruction for my apartment. Given it had been over 5 years and two places later that you worked in my scared space I was pleased with the growth and change in both myself and your technique. It was amazing the success of your work prior and I trust the same will unfold this time round. The discipline you have developed to work with a strong spiritual connection to clear the energy and advise on the best place for each of my rooms without being caught in detail was refreshing. (As above so below.) As you told me, all the details will fall into place and they have. Given I had every space to change from what it was to what it needed to be, you were excellent in assisting with the transition. Alone I would not have been able to transform all those areas in one window of time. Interesting about my that the transformation is complete it has brought me in alignment to do more of what I love and in the capacity I love. My energy to focus and share my gifts and talents and move forward with plans has improved greatly as I continue to provide my instructing service and contractual project management service. I am in the flow; having my office in the fire zone has shifted me to work from illumination; and having a solid wall at my back has really provided that support, I am accomplishing more and find myself more effective and more efficient daily. In hindsight it is not surprising I was finding that hard to do in the old location. Placement matters.

The space now clearly sets the boundaries for my work and personal living space, which was very much needed.
Thanks again for assisting me with all the adjustments, all 20 of them. I know it is not I that do the work but a much greater power that works through me; and work it did. It was amazing all the magic that unfolded in this transformation from the finding of curtain material with the yellow bows that match the newly painted walls to finding the beaded curtains that really revealed to me the simple but powerful application of correct feng shui. The guidance of colour choice for each and every room was nothing less than divine. It really enhances the art. The results are better then I could have imagined, even though I struggled with the beige. Going to the celestial yellow in my office, I am glad I continued on because now I am enjoying the higher vibration. Looking back, with all beige walls.... what was I thinking? The (paint) additive does make a difference. Your guidance with the ba gua mirror to correct the NW bathroom is proving positive results. My layout of my bedroom is again north/south, which is always best for me. Thanks for your encouragement to change the room location. My energy is better and better every day!

Spirit is working strongly and effectively through you. God Bless.

“We no longer get that uneasy feeling when we come home at night.”


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