Place Right

Feng Shui for the Spiritual Seeker

Working with you and the art and science of Feng Shui in the process of designing and building (our health food store) was a most interesting and rewarding exercise.

With all of the nuances of proper placement of areas for the optimum energy flow and 'harmony' in our retail work environment, your experience, suggestions and guidance were invaluable.

The outcome, after 5 years of operation in our store, has been a very positive energy field in which to work and conduct our business. We have experienced an abundance of loyal customers who enjoy the 'space' for shopping.

It is somewhat difficult to put into words the 'feelings' from having attended to the subtle details of our design, but there is a positive and productive flow to our space, and although we have not (yet) finished up the remaining suggestions you presented to 'complete' the process, our staff, as well as customers, regularly comment on 'how good it feels' in the store!

If only we had made it a bit 'bigger'!!!

“Having Helen work with you creates a different reality, a better life.”


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