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Helen Williams is the person who introduced me to the idea that people and their homes are not separate, that everything and everyone is connected, and that all energy, yours, mine, hers, the trees and water are interacting with each other all the time.

When Helen first walked into my home, I figured she'd tell me where to put a water cure, clean up my desk and help me with the flow of my home.

I'd met Helen through a wonderful enlightening class she taught through "The Annex" where she introduced me to all kinds of feng shui principles.

What came next surprised me. After lighting some sage to clear the house, she began to beat on a drum - not your average feng shui practice. After walking through my home she told me about the old, or blocked energy that was in my home, and invited me to have a house clearing done. I never imagined that I'd hear anything negative about the house. I would say that you have to be prepared beforehand to hear perhaps difficult information about you or your home. Helen is always honest and straightforward.

Helen came back for a subsequent visit, we fine-tuned my prosperity corner, which is actually cut away in my home, and worked on other cures for my children/creativity corner, and she helped me clarify the 'front door' issue I'd been having. Because I'd extended my home, I ended up with two front doors. This confused the ch'i coming into my home. Helen's suggestion was simple but accurate. "Take it off", she declared. I was hooked on it, because it was expensive, but as soon as she said that I knew she was right. Let go. Let go. Let go, of extra stuff, clutter and clear the way for a new current of energy to fill me and my home.

I continue to call Helen when I'm having an energy crisis. She continues to help me tweak my home in ways that have special and particular meaning to me. She has helped me to believe in the energy of the not seen. The evidence is in the happy, balanced, energetically charged home I now live in.

" Class day is the anchor of my week."


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