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Feng Shui for the Spiritual Seeker

" I have had fibromyalgia for many years and looked in many areas for relief, which I had some success with. I always had this nagging feeling that even though I was working hard on my body there was some underlying energy in my environment that would not allow me to get the total benefit from the therapies I was trying. I had never felt well in our home even though it was everything we had dreamed of. I decided to have Helen come to our home to give a Feng Shui opinion. With Helen's amazing intuitive and energetic capabilities we realized that there were many factors going on in our house that would be giving me problems. We put many remedies in place over a two-year period but in the end decided to move out of the house. I experienced such a drastic change in my health within months of moving it was amazing. My husband has become a Feng Shui advocate also. I really credit Helen for aiding me in the reversal of my pain and fatigue. I continue to practice Feng Shui in our new home and I find if something isn't feeling right I can look around and often put my finger on why and make the shift with a cure in place." 

“Having Helen work with you creates a different reality, a better life.”


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